Agetha Lee the founder of UNIVERSAL VOICE,the world's leading International Speech show, is a major commercial speech show arranged from New York by American trainer Agetha Lee. Representing globally influential organizations and groups such as the BBC and Forbes, Agetha Lee claimed that all the speakers on her show are political heavyweights. As the general director of Universal Voice, Agetha Lee wants to turn Universal Voice into a world-class speech show. She believes that her speech show will enable attendees and subscribers to gain experience as well as will help them strengthen their communications by bringing them closer to the leading figures in the world.

“It is through Universal Voice and platforms like this that the attendees can derive the biggest benefits of the knowledge era,” said Agetha Lee. “Universal Voice makes speeches interesting for both the presenters and the audience by combining entertainment and education together,” she added.

As the youngest trainer in the US, Agetha Lee was crowned with the prestigious "New York Budding Inspirational Goddess" award. At the age of 25, she founded Knowledgeable Professional, an organization which helps professionals enhance their intelligence and competitiveness. At 27, she authored her first book titled ‘Golden Productivity’. After traveling around the world, she established her own business in New York, thanks to her previous experience in doing business in America.

According to descriptions about the first 15 listeners in the audience, most of them are enthusiastic about empowering themselves with knowledge, and their favorite is the original English speech shows. The trial tickets for the show have been sold out immediately upon opening. Currently Universal Voice is ranked NO.1 among all the shows organized overseas in terms of its global reputation and its impact on the media.

“Universal Voice has issued single, multiple, front VIP and rear-ordinary tickets. Our shows are attended by MBA professionals, students from international high schools and white-collar employees from foreign companies as well as professional managers with global exposure. The Hollywood movies and Broadway shows form the thematic core of Universal Voice”, a show coordinator spoke on behalf of Agetha recently.


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