As President of the New York Stock Exchange, I oversee our operations by serving issuers, investors, and global financial institutions, ensuring that the U.S. remains the world leader in global capital markets. My focus is to make sure that we are constantly improving and innovating what we do to insure that the entrepreneurs of tomorrow have an adept partner in the NYSE.

The New York Stock Exchange’s systems handle over 50 billion messages in a day - stock quotes, buy orders, sell orders, trade confirmations and cancellations, and the like. The past two weeks have reinforced my deep appreciation for the scale that such solid technology delivers. Humans have less bandwidth. I’ve been outmatched by hundreds of inbound messages - all genuinely warm of heart - that I’ve received since I was named the 67th President of the NYSE, succeeding my friend Tom Farley. I’m deeply appreciative of all the sentiments - from women and men, girls and boys, from literally around the world.

I wish I could respond to everyone individually. It hasn’t escaped me that a big chunk of news commentary points to the fact that I’m a woman. A recurring theme from the notes I received was the joy parents felt sharing news of my appointment with their daughters. One friend noted how he could now tell his daughter that she could grow up to be the head of the CIA, or head of the NYSE, as both Gina Haspel and I got our new jobs on the same day. That’s true and worth celebrating, but this is also true: nothing replaces hard work. Our workplaces must aspire to full gender equality, but also true meritocracy. I’ve been working with the gears and guts of my industry for nearly 25 years. I’ve aspired to learn as much as possible from everyone around me and, in turn, share what I know.

All of this has equipped me for the role I’ve been given, one I feel well prepared for, as anyone would who’s invested thousands of hours in a vocation that you love.My career has been driven by two themes: passion for what I do, and desire to do what’s best for my team and organization. Those drivers make it easier to tackle big challenges and make tough decisions. Success, personal or institutional, is rarely achieved at an individual level. I’ve been fortunate to follow in the footsteps of trailblazers, and have been guided by supportive sponsors and mentors along the way. I can only hope my path helps those that follow. To all those daughters and sons out there: work hard, be a trailblazer, be a sponsor, be a mentor. Collectively, we can change the world.


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